Zaprawa do podlewek specjalna: V3/50




  • turbines, generators, compressors, diesel engines and other power equipment operating under heavy vibration
  • prefabricated concrete units and structural steelworks
  • paper plants, chemical plants and refineries
  • offshore grout: monopile, jacket, tripod
  • onshore grout: hybrid-tower, grouting joint
  • cementbased and chlorid-free
  • controlled and even expansion with a rigid bond
  • high early and final strength
  • waterproof
  • largely resistant to oil and petrol
  • resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
  • frost- und tausalzbeständig
  • very hight fatigue-resistant
  • pumpable
  • externally tested and factory quality controlled

Deklaracja zgodności EG §9 (Ustawa o produktach budowlanych) dla dodatków modyfikujących stosowanych w tych produktach. Dodatki te zgodne z ustaleniem EN 934-2:2002, dyrektywa 89/1 06/EEC.