SPCC purškiamasis mišinys: SP45


Pritaikymo sritys


  • repairing of concrete and reinforced concrete buildings with low compressive strengths
  • repair of hydraulic structures in the area of responsibility of the Bundesamt für Wasserbau
  • reservoirs, weirs, ship hoists, quay walls
  • cementitious, hydraulic SPCC spray mortar for wet spraying application systems
  • chloride free
  • extremely stable
  • resistant to frost and dew salt
  • water-impermeable

Beveik visi skiedinių tipai taip pat galimi iš CEM III/A arba CEM I HS/NA
(neturintys C3A) 11 klasių cementų, - techniniai duomenys gali skirtis, priklausomai nuo cemento tipo.