V1/30HF Wind farm in Chanaral, Chile
V1/30HF Wind energy test field Anzetel-Wehlens, Germany
V1/30HF, O1 Wind farm Oberlausitz, Germany
V1/60HF Installation of the prototype offshore wind energy plant Alstom Haliade, Germany
V1/50 Roller coaster grouting, Holidaypark Naßloch, Germany
V1/50 Building project: Hochmosel Crossing, Germany
V1/50 High voltage line in Alytus, Lithuanian-Polish border
V1/50 New ICE high-speed rail line Erfurt-Leipzig, Germany
V1/50 Bridge renovation, Kurt-Schumacherbrücke Mannheim, Germany
V2/80 Re-building of the underground railway Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, Germany
V80/C45, O1 Grouting of tracks, Marienbrücke Dresden, Germany
V80/C45 Lock Knauthain Leipzig, Germany
V80/C45, V160/C45 Restructuring of bearers in Hagen, Germany
V160/C45 Bridge over the Nidda near Rainrod, Germany
V160/C45 Restructuring of pillars - Underground car park in Kesselsdorf, Germany

Concrete Repairing

MH02, MH20, MH80, MS05, O2C Bridge renovation - B455 Bremthal, Germany
MS20 Elevation of the concrete covering - Barrage Arnstadt, Germany
SP20, MS02 Footbridge Schiffweiler, Germany
SP20 Refurbishment of the barrage, Germany
SP20 Redevelopment Obsthofstollen Pforzheim, Germany
TF10 Application of textile concrete- Otto Mohr-Laboratory Dresden, Germany
TF10 Constructive Repair of the Sugar Silo 9 at the Nordzucker GmbH in Uelzen
TF10 Operator training course - Pre-fabrication plant Hentschke Bau Bautzen, Germany
TF10 Repair of the Historic Arched Bridge in Naila with CarboBeton, Germany
TW20 Refurbishment of the clean water tank Kleine Kinzig, Germany


FE20 Levelling screed
KA20 Channel mortar - Redevelopment of a purification plant using spray mortar
V1 Grout - Areas of Applications
VB Rapid set grout, VT Turbo grout - Manhole repairing