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PAGEL® SPEZIAL-BETON GmbH & Co. KG, from Essen in Germany, has been definitive to the development of grout and other specialist mortars for over four decades now.

PAGEL GROUT SYSTEMS, which include the well-known V1 series of grouts, and PAGEL CONCRETE REPAIR SYSTEMS have long since established themselves as quality benchmarks across the world.

PAGEL® develops, produces and sells special mortars and grout systems for precision machines, wind turbines, anchor and injection work, repair systems for concrete, drinking water reservoirs, sewer and waste water systems, and industrial floors.

Our extensive product range, our products' consistent high quality and high level of reliability, coupled with our hands-on consulting services, are the foundation of the excellent international reputation we enjoy today. Our main concern always has and will be our customers' satisfaction.

As a result, PAGEL® SPEZIAL-BETON GmbH & Co. KG has been EN ISO 9001-certified since 1995. All of our products furthermore comply with the regulations and requirements for the CE mark and our internal production control is certified to DIN EN 1504-3, DIN EN 1504-6 and DIN EN 1504-7.

PAGEL® products are produced in more than 10 different countries and sold in more than 50 countries globally through a number of Pagel subsidiaries and contractual partners.

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