EH196R epoxy resin grouting mortar

pourable epoxy-resin grouting mortar for a number of grouting works

  • synthetic resin priming, synthetic resin screed in accordance with DIN EN 13813
  • can bear weight after only a few hours
  • high fluidity, good adherence to steel surfaces, impermeable to water
  • high resistance to compressive and shear strength
  • resistant to alkaline solutions, weak acids and mineral oils
  • granularity: 0-0,5 mm
  • grouting height (max. volume: 400 kg): 6-100 mm
  • consumption: 1,80 kg/(m²⋅mm)
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 20 min
  • compressive strength after 28 d: ≥ 100 N/mm²
CE marking

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  • epoxy resin grouting mortar that can be poured-on
  • very good fluidity
  • can bear weight after only a few hours
  • good adherence to steel surfaces
  • frictional connection
  • under normal ground conditions, does not need bonding bridge and can be poured directly on the suitably prepared concrete surface or on the rust-free steel surface
  • very good resistance to pressure and shear stress
  • highly durable under dynamic and static stress
  • vibration absorbing
  • impermeable to water
  • resistant to alkaline solutions, weak acids and mineral oils
  • resists using temperatures up to 70 °C (158 °F). Resistant to great temperature changes
  • filler pre-mixed with main resin and deaerated in vacuum

fields of application

  • grouting
  • - of rails and corrugated panels
  • - with small layer thicknesses
  • - of galvanised steel parts and non-iron metals
  • - of precision bearings
  • - of pillars of high-rack storage halls
  • - of pumps, compactors and compressors in the chemical industry
  • - of posts of noise barriers and supporting slabs on roadways and bridges
  • - between steel plates
  • - of measuring sensors in concrete roadways
  • splatter of scratches and holes on concrete bases for further coatings of reactive resins