V1A/80 steel fibre grout

highly flowable swelling grouting concrete, reinforced with steel fibre with high initial and final firmness

  • steel fibre or stainless steel fibre grouting mortar
  • high flexural and shear resistance
  • cement-bound
  • granularity: 0-8 mm
  • base plate grouting height: 60-200 mm
  • consumption: 2.100 kg/m³
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 60 min
  • swelling after 24 h: ≥ 0,1 %
  • pressure resistance after 28 d: ≥ 70 N/mm²


  • high fluidity
  • controlled swelling and strong locking connection between machine plate and concrete foundations
  • high initial and final strength
  • low water/cement ratio
  • high flexural and shear strength and high impact resistance
  • high impact, abrasion and grinding resistance
  • impermeable to water and to great extent resistant against mineral oils and fuel
  • steel fibre reinforcement and even more so stainless steel fibre reinforcement improve the thermal conductivity. Stressed caused by heat are fundamentally lower and are quickly dissipated
  • self-monitoring according to the DAfStb VeBMR directive
  • satisfies the requirements of the type A1 construction materials (non-flammable) according to the ruling 2000/605/EG of the European Commission, September 26th 2000 (published in official journal, L258)

fields of application

  • rail bearings and heavy foundations
  • construction elements subject to particularly high stresses
  • under particularly heavy burdens, usable with low grouting heights
  • grouting of large dimension foundations
  • acts as reinforcement in occasions, in which due to constructive reasons reinforcement cannot be built in