R34 Flexible adhesive

cement-based flexible adhesive for tiles, with plastic additives, for indoors and outdoors

  • cement-rich tile glue in accordance with EN12004
  • very good adherence to load-bearing ground
  • breathable, ready-to-use and easy to handle
  • layer thickness: 1,0-3,0 mm
  • consumption: about 2,0 kg/(m²⋅mm)
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 45 min
CE marking


  • cement-bound flexible tile adhesive with synthetic resin additives
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • very good adherence to load-bearing ground
  • easy to process and also suitable for overhead works
  • proven reliable in multiple cases in the industry
  • breathable behaviour, sealing, adheres to suitable ground
  • ready-to-use, only needs to be mixed with water, remains long afterwards workable
  • specially suitable as adhesive for tiles

fields of application

  • thin-bed laying of ceramic tiles in walls and floors, indoors and outdoors
  • glue for isolating and noise protection panels
  • isolating and protection layer
  • laying of panels of natural stone, marble and of building slabs