U02 universal fine-grain putty

cement-based, ready-to-use, fine-grain putty, excellent for uses on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces

  • concrete restoration in accordance to DIN EN 1504-3
  • sprayable, high firmness and adherence
  • high frost and de-icing salt resistance
  • granularity: 0-0,2 mm
  • layer thickness: 0,5-3,0 mm
  • consumption: 1,90 kg/(m²⋅mm)
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 60 min
  • pressure resistance after 28 d: ≥ 50 N/mm²
CE marking


  • ready-to-use, cement-bound mortar. Just mix with water
  • ideal for application on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces
  • sprayable
  • high firmness and adherence
  • also available with plastic or steel fibres
  • microsilica additives
  • hinders the penetration of CO2
  • satisfies the requirements of the type A1 construction materials (non-flammable) according to the ruling 2000/605/EG of the European Commission, September 26th 2000 (published in official journal, L258)

fields of application

  • façade, wall, floor and ceiling surfaces
  • concrete repair
  • repairing of holes, edges and cracks
  • jointing
  • sewer repairing
  • embeddings, grouting