TW10 white potable water mortar/bonding bridge

potable water mortar, in accordance with the worksheets W270 and W347 of the DVGW

  • suitable for vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • suitable for dense-flow wet spraying and for dry spraying
  • taking into consideration other potential aggressive components, calcite solubilities up to 20 mg/l are harmless
  • satisfies recommendations for potable water uses in accordance with the Federal Environmental Office (directive KTW)
  • granularity: 0-1 mm
  • layer thickness: 5-10 mm
  • consumption: 1,90 kg/(m²⋅mm)
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 30 min
  • pressure resistance after 28 d: ≥ 50 N/mm²


  • regarding microbiology, suitable for purposes related with potable water
  • neither facilitates microbial growth, nor has it bactericidal or fungicide properties
  • microsilica / silica fume additives
  • suitable for vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • suitable for dense-flow wet-spraying process
  • least possible rebound and almost dust-free when using the MAWO-nozzle in the dense-flow wet-spraying process
  • satisfies the recommendations of the working group concerning potable water of the KTW commission of the German Federal Health Bureau about construction materials regarding water behaviour

fields of application

  • Coating of wall and floor surfaces in potable water areas and in water treatment plants
  • Repairing of concrete, plaster, screeds
  • potable water tanks, pipes
  • coatings in the food sector