O2DE concrete protective paint

crack-bridging coating system for non-traffic areas on bridges (spray and splash areas) and other concrete buildings

  • concrete restoration in accordance with DIN EN 1504-32
  • bridges alligator and separating cracks up to 0.3 mm and supports crack width alterations up to 115 % (+23 °C / 73.4 °F) or 103 % (-23 °C / -9.4 °F)
  • hinders the penetration of harmful substances and water even at low temperatures (tested as low as -20 °C / -4 °F)
  • preventive protection coating for surfaces prone to cracking
  • Base: plastic dispersion
  • Colour tone: RAL 7032 (other on demand)
  • moisture of base surface: < 6 %
  • consumption (3 layers): about 340-370 g/m²
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 45 min
CE marking

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  • the PAGEL CONCRETE PROTECTION SYSTEM, consisting of MS05 and O2DE satisfies the exigences of surface protection systems OS-D II according to ZTV-ING part 3 and OS-5a according to the DAfStb directive
  • crack bridging coating system (crack bridging class IT) for non-traffic areas on bridges (spray and splash areas) and in other kinds of concrete buildings
  • prevents also at low temperatures (examined at as low as -20 °C or -4 °F) the penetration of harmful substances (e.g. CO2, SO4) and water
  • allows vapour diffusion, resistant against alkali, weatherproof
  • bridges alligator and separation cracks up to 0.3 mm, elongation at break 115% (+23 °C/73.4 °F) or 103% (-23 °C/-9.4 °F)
  • preventive protection coating for surfaces prone to cracking
  • pure acrylic dispersion, physically drying, polymerised UV-network additives for an optimised drying
  • solvent-free and eco-friendly

fields of application

  • concrete and mortar surfaces (spray and splash zones)
  • PCC and SPCC bases
  • crack-bridging protection coating
  • surface protection of crack-free surfaces
  • reworking of adherent, load-bearing and compatible aged coatings
  • visual design of new, old and restored concrete parts indoors and outdoors