MS05 putty (PCC)

sprayable evening and scratching filler in accordance with ZTV-ING TL/TP PCC, OS and directive SIB

  • concrete restoration in accordance to DIN EN 1504-3
  • application on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • sprayable, specially easy to handle, high firmness and adherence
  • plastic additives, ready-to-use
  • Construction material class A1 (non flammable) in accordance to DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501
  • granularity: 0-0,5 mm
  • layer thickness: 1,5-6 mm
  • consumption: 2,00 kg/(m²⋅mm)
  • processing time at 20°C (68 °F): about 45 min
  • pressure resistance after 28 d: ≥ 45 N/mm²
CE marking


  • levelling putty and scratch coat, grain size 0-0.5 mm for layer thicknesses of 1.5-6 mm
  • ideal for applications on vertical and overhead surfaces
  • sprayable
  • specially easy to handle, high strength and high adherence
  • ready-to-use, just mix with water
  • allows vapour diffusion
  • can be coated after a few hours (from 10 °C on) with O2C CONCRETE PROTECTING PAINT. Aftercare is in this case not necessary

fields of application

  • repairing of pores, holes, cracks and irregularities in floors and walls
  • base for surface protecting coatings, e.g. O2C and O2DE
  • levelling of concrete repairing works
  • coating of surfaces of prefabricated parts, brick work and concrete
  • filling of slots in ducts and pipes